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The Top 5 Essential Squat Techniques


Squat just happens to be one of the top 3 lifts in the world for improving strength and posture. It's great for men, because you get the nice bulging thighs and slim waist. It's great for women because it gives your legs excellent tone and shape, as well as improving the muscles in your butt, by boosting saggy butt muscles and making your glutes more curvaceous

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Bench Press – A Guide on Proper Technique


The Bench Press is probably the most popular exercise in the gym, yet how many people bench badly or know the most important techniques during each rep? In this article I will give you tips to increase your bench press now! No specialist equipment, no additional supplements and no secret recipes. These straight forward bench press tips will instantly help you to increase your bench press to a weight that can impress.

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Deadlift Routine – The Cornerstone of Your Strength


Exercising with the deadlift is when you get serious about your physique. It's the original full-body exercise and very few other exercises bring emotions out quite like the deadlift. They can allow you to enjoy that amazing feeling of raw power when you move that really big weight off the ground. They can make you sick to the stomach just at the mere thought of actually doing them.

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4 Important Vitamins for Bodybuilders


Bodybuilders are a rare breed in this world because they need more of everything to maintain the weight and size of their buffed bodies. If you're planning to become a bodybuilder yourself, it's important for you to remember that bodybuilding is not an exclusive product of carrying weights but also a product of careful choice of what you should and shouldn't eat.

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Fish Oil – The Essential Supplement


Unless the source is fish, then omega 3 fatty acids aren't doing you much good. Processed foods that supposedly have these fatty acids usually don't have as much as they claim. The typical western diet of processed foods creates too much arachidonic acid in our bodies. High levels of this acid, the foundation of hormones called eicosanoids, are involved in the synthesis with cytokines that produce inflammation in the body.

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