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Bodybuilding and Hair Loss – Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?


Worldwide, people are using synthetic steroids to improve their bodybuilding performance. Often, these steroids are bought from unscrupulous traders and are retailed even without a prescription. Many individuals take countless health risks just to outperform each other.

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Bodybuilding Supplements with Niacin to Boost Your Muscle Gain


Bodybuilding supplements with niacin are often used to lower cholesterol, thanks to its ability to suppress the disintegration of fats, preventing fatty acids from entering the blood. However, niacin is also found to stimulate the human growth hormone, or GH. The growth hormone is important for everyone, but most especially for athletes and bodybuilders

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Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Work?


Nitric Oxide is a gas formed in the body by the breakdown of L-Arginine to L-Citrulline through an enzyme group called Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Although NO2 is used for many purposes, it's ability to increase blood flow will be discussed in this article.

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Top 5 Things DHEA Can Help With

dhea supplement

DHEA has been at the center of many natural remedies to improve mood, reverse aging, improve sex drive and burn belly fat. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a precursor hormone produced by the adrenal glands in both men and women DHEA is also known as a pheromone for the sex steroids. As men and women age, levels of DHEA in the body begin to diminish drastically. Here are details of medical research findings which have proven DHEA to be the natural fountain of youth.

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Neck Training – Points and Reminders


Some of this seems quite elementary, but a few of the videos posted on the Internet lately have made me feel like it's worth going over. I hope that we can agree that the muscles surrounding the cervical spine should be strength trained. However, there's been a lack of attention to important strength training principles in the examples I've been watching. It's not good enough to just do it, it's how you do it.

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How to Build Giant Calves


Some people say that you are either born with great calves, or you are not. I don't know about you, but I was born with wimpy calves. I remember there was a time when I would deliberately avoid wearing shorts in the summer because it is simply too embarrassing to show my calves - they were like chopsticks! I finally decided to train my calves, and although they were (and still are) incredibly stubborn body parts, they CAN still grow.

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Guide to Using Protein Powder


Anyone who is into fitness, whether you're a beginner or a pro, has seen guys and girls at the gym with protein shakers. If it's your first time seeing it, you look up what it is and find hundreds, probably thousands, of articles telling you why you need to use protein. You get a package at your local fitness supplement store and get cracking.

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Top Estrogen Blockers for Bodybuilders


Bodybuilders often research how to block estrogen due to the amount of testosterone generated by their lifestyle. They try to use estrogen blockers to help prevent gynecomastia, or the dramatic inflammation of the male breast. There are a few products out there that can help prevent the build up of estrogen in a bodybuilding routine.

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The Different Types Of Fat Burners


It can be quite overwhelming when you realise just how many different fat burner products are available. All of which will no doubt state that they are the 'ones that work'. But how do you know which fat burners to choose, and more importantly, how do you know which product is going to work for you?

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