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What are the benefits of Vitamin C?


Vitamin C is also commonly referred to as ascorbic acid, and provides numerous healthbenefits including the ability to prevent cell damage and repair wounds, the promotion of healthy teeth and gums, and an overall strengthening of the immune system. Vitamin C is also responsible for helping the body absorb iron, and it has also been linked with the prevention of disease and the delaying of aging because Vitamin C destroys free radicals, which are the molecules that are most commonly associated with cell damage and signs of aging. Vitamin C provides numerous health benefits, and promotes overall excellent health for the entire body. Vitamins are categorized based on the substances in which it ca be dissolved, therefore Vitamin C is categorized as a water soluble vitamin along with the B complex group of vitamins. If there are water soluble vitamins in your system that is not being used by your body, they will be naturally expelled from your body through your urine. For this reason, unlike fat soluble vitamins, it is important for you to get a constant supply of water soluble vitamins so that you consistently have enough in your system. Because Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, ...

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